Forget about Kodak! This is my soapbox moment!!!

Ok, admit it!  We all have something that drives us absolutely crazy and we can’t help getting up on our soapbox and letting the world know about it whenever the opportunity presents itself (and sometimes, ok most times, when it doesn’t).  It doesn’t even matter if the world even wants to hear it!  We just have this urge to simply get it out there.

The human is designed to heal itsself

Well, I want to share with you my soapbox moment.  Why?

Well, for one thing this is MY blog and for another, like every other soapbox, I truly believe you should read this and give it serious consideration.  (P.S: You will even get brownie points for agreeing with me)!

So here we go!  Are you ready? 

The human body is designed with the innate ability to heal itself and if someone is experiencing less than optimal physical wellness, please, please, please let’s not blame it on age or work or life or our boss/spouse/children.  In fact, there is no blame to be placed anywhere.  There is only responsibility!

And the responsibility is ours to take.  And ours alone!

If you are not experiencing optimal physical wellness, it’s because you chose, through your actions (or lack thereof) to allow that to be the case.  It really is that simple!

The way I see it, it is up to you (and you alone) to allow your body to heal itself and if it doesn’t do just that, it’s because you are not giving it what it needs to accomplish the task.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the healthiest person in the world but I know that if my body is letting me down in any way, it’s because I am not taking good care of it.  I don’t need to make excuses and I certainly don’t need to blame any outside forces.

Yes, folks, as annoying as it is to admit, the fault is all mine because the decision was, is and will always be all mine.  But here’s the cool part: I accept the responsibility and I accept the truth that I can also change that.  How awesome is that????

So where are you not allowing your body to heal itself?  And better still, why?

I would love to hear your thoughts and I would really love to hear about your soapbox moment.  Please share below!!!!






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4 thoughts on “Forget about Kodak! This is my soapbox moment!!!

  1. I COMPLETELY agree! I worked with a girl that was constantly calling in sick or something in saying she felt miserable. I finally tied to two together: she was always out late at night partying, drinking, etc. and never gave her body time to rest and recoop. It’s amazing how much it can take a toll on you! Thanks for the soapbox moment!
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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. The most important way to maintain optimal health is to NOT STRESS OUT about things. Stress is one of the worst offenders and starts the body spiraling down into disease. So my soapbox moment is to catch yourself doing the negative self talk. I hear it all the time and it projects out into everyone’s world. Thank you for your great moment!

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