Are stress and depression preventing you from living the life you want?

Are you fed up of feeling:

  •    lost, alone and isolated?
  •    overwhelmed by all your responsibilities?
  •    guilty over your inability to get anything accomplished?
  •    like you will never again have a reason to smile, let alone laugh?
  •    exhausted all the time no matter how much sleep or rest you get?
  •    yourself lose control of all areas of your life and are helpless to do anything about it?
  •    like a failure for not living up to other people’s expectations of you (not to mention your own)?

Before we go any further, I want you to read the following quote and really “get” it, really feel it in your core:

    “Depression is not a sign of weakness.

It’s a sign that you’ve been strong

                     for too long.”                        

(Author Unknown)

Please read it again! And again!

If you have been diagnosed with depression, if you think you might be suffering from depression for whatever reason or if you are dealing with so much stress you fear you are on your way to being depressed, there are 3 things that I can guarantee you right now (without even knowing you) that you need to know, believe and accept as Truth:

  1. There is nothing “wrong” with you: depression is simply your body’s way of communicating with you that you really need to take a break now
  2. You are not alone: in fact, you would be surprised at how many people are out there in the same situation as you and also at how many people are out there ready to help
  3. Pushing yourself even harder will NOT help: pushing yourself hard is what got you here in the first place, now it’s time to give yourself permission to slow down and give your body what it needs to heal itself

So I ask you: Are you ready to regain control of your happiness and your life?

Oh yes, you absolutely can! I know it doesn’t seem possible right now but with the right support and commitment, you can absolutely overcome depression and life’s other tough challenges on your own terms, and each time you do, you achieve a precious victory for yourself, for your happiness and for all those around you.

Contact us today. We can’t wait to help you celebrate your Precious Victories!


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